Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I see myself on the list of psychotic people you thought you loved.
I see myself as an anecdote for cocktail parties, one that gets funnier with repetition.
She Always Used To, She Never Did - I Really Wanted Her To, But She Never Knew.
I see myself in the pang of nostalgia, in the wave of thankfulness for times left behind, a phase you discarded with college.
And as you hug She Who Is Better Than Me, I see ourselves for what could have been,
What we never let ourselves be.

If in the end we're meant to be, then why do I consider the end as an inevitability?


  1. No no no. This is not you. At all. Stopit.

  2. 3rd line, last line - nicely done.

  3. It happens, sometimes.
    Tuku, I'm rather proud of the last line myself. :)